What happened to Kelsey Owen’s bikini line?

Okay the whole last season was literally a race and competition between Kelsey and Juliette to see who could get their bikini line out faster. And after all the drama — JMP is thriving and I noticed months ago Kelsey’s website was down or under construction. Last night she finally talked about why her line’s fate is unknown when they took a trip to LA.

Kelsey revealed that she’s having problems with her partner in the line and her manufacturer is in Brazil! So it’s hard to get her product made and shipped on time.

As for what happened to it now, I couldn’t even log on to the Shopify website. It’s a Shopify site that says it’s totally unavailable.

It seems that having a bikini line isn’t even something Kelsey was or is interested in. She seems like she just wants to go to LA and model. Whereas, JMP is still expanding.