Only Joe Jenkins Can Save 'Siesta Key' Now That Chloe Is Gone

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Only Joe Jenkins Can Save 'Siesta Key' Now That Chloe Is Gone

Siesta Key has a habit of bringing on friends of the cast. It's given us a handful, from Canvas Brummel to Hannah Starr to Ben Riney. But there’s one friend-of who’s better than the rest. Let's make one thing very clear: there’s been no better addition to the show than my personal favorite friend, Joe Jenkins.

Let’s run it back to the beginning for a hot sec for those of you who forgot how Joe even got onto the show. As far as I can tell, Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter both became friends with Robby Hayes (the blond guy from the Bachelorette) through his company Rebella, which claims to manage Instagram influencer talent. Joe was friends with Robby and hence, became friends with the Siesta Key girls over time.

Robby and Juliette dated for five seconds and Robby (and Joe) even appeared in a few episodes of Siesta Key until Juliette dumped Robby in Season 3. Buuut, even though Robby was kicked off the island, Joe’s friendship with Kelsey and Juliette stayed pretty strong and he stuck around.

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Most of us fell in love with Joe for his natural glow, his fashion sense, and of course, his absolute fierce loyalty, especially to Kelsey. From his first interactions with Juliette, we could tell that if she spilled any sort of tea on what she thinks of Kelsey’s relationship or her swimsuit line, Joe was going to be first in line to tell Kelsey exactly what was said about her. I mean, he literally went and told Kelsey that Juliette was talking shit, right after he sat in Juliette’s house and was talking about their friendship.

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