The Downfall Of Juliette & Sam Begins & Meghan Enters The Chat

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The Downfall Of Juliette & Sam Begins & Meghan Enters The Chat

So, Thursday night’s episode was JAM packed (lol) with emotions and huge moments. Not only did my favorite Siesta girl Madisson make her return, but we also got to see some really special scenes of her sharing her journey and pregnancy. Yes, I cried because it was so heartfelt and beautiful what the girls of Siesta Key did for Madisson and Ish, I mean that baby shower? Gorgeous.

But this isn’t what we’re talking about today; we need to discuss Sam and Juliette.

The episode opens up with Sam literally taking another girl to dinner and her name is Meghan Bischoff. I even have proof below that this is the girl, even though she goes unnamed in the beginning of the episode, and we don’t see her again for the rest of the night.

Now, Meghan scrubbed her account of anything Sam-related so, not only did I have to do a little digging to confirm it was her, and I'm not exactly sure if Meghan and Sam are still dating, but they did “date” at some point. Sam follows her on Instagram to this day.

So, my question is was Sam already low-key seeing her before he officially broke up with Juliette?

After the scene with Meghan, the show then pans to Juliette with Amanda and Chloe unpacking her new apartment. Juliette tells her friends she really does love Sam and even wants him to come to Paris to see her family, which is a huge step, but Chloe doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Chloe tells Juliette she thinks she does these trips to mask the real issues in the relationship and doesn’t think Sam should meet her extended family until they work through their issues.

When Sam’s scene comes up, he’s at his mansion with Mike when Juliette texts him about Paris, ignoring Chloe’s advice completely. Now, of course Mike stirs the pot by telling Sam that Juliette seems to just be pushing him until he breaks. Now, is that fair? Not really. Could Juliette have approached the question a little better? Yes, for sure. Juliette eventually comes over to the house and Sam asks her about the apartment and she is a little too excited for his liking and she picks it up right away, but instead of him speaking about it further, he moves on to the Paris conversation.

He straight up tells Juliette he is not going, despite her excitement of bringing him around the fam. Ouch… he even admits that they need to work on their issues before they decide to take off to another country – looks like Chloe was right.

Juliette doesn’t seem to see the issue though, and is convinced they can go back to the way they were before she moved in with him and it doesn’t seem like that’s even possible at this point. When Sam admits he didn’t like the random way she asked him, instead of taking his feelings into consideration, she replies very sarcastically with, “Did you want me to write you a love letter?”... Jules, it’s PARIS, romance, yes! Write a love letter!

I agree with Sam in this situation; Sam never really speaks up and even he thinks masking their problems with trips isn’t normal.

Now, the next time we see either of them is at Madisson’s baby shower and it is beyond awkward. It’s cringe-worthy if I’m being honest. Toward the end of the shower, Sam sits with Juliette and tries to talk to her, but it really isn’t the time or place in my opinion. They took Madisson’s special day and turned it into a soap opera.

Sam offers a chance for them to talk, but Juliette immediately breaks down and says she doesn’t know what to do to fix the problem because “every time she tries to talk to him it’s like he doesn’t hear her,” but I think that’s a major issue on both parts. Neither of them are actually listening to each other and it is sinking their relationship.

At this point, Chloe steps in and tells Sam that they are just not healthy together, and Sam isn’t having it. He tells Chloe that she is the last person he would take advice from no matter how much love he may have for her and their friendship. I’m honestly loving Sam using his voice this season, but Chloe is kind of right.

The end of the episode shows Juliette coming to Sam’s and wanting to talk it out, but it doesn’t go well. Juliette says they need to communicate and they need to be able to tell each other what they wanna do, for example – Juliette wants Sam to say he wants to party and drink.

Now, Sam’s next comeback? I did not like it, but I understand it. “And then slap someone?” he says, referring to the island when Juliette hit Kelsey after getting super drunk and fighting with her. She asks him if he even wants to try, but honestly Sam tells her he doesn’t see a future with her anymore and that was the end of it.

An emotional and heartbroken Juliette leaves without another word. So, is this really the end of JAM? I guess time will tell where these two are headed. My guess? Clark Drum (Juliette's rumored new guy) and Meghan have a lot to deal with when they date these two. We already know that Meghan has a sit down with Amanda and Chloe, during which they call Meghan a trophy rebound...

Good luck to the newbies!

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