Ranking The Wildest Moments From The Big Fight Episode Of 'Siesta Key'

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Ranking The Wildest Moments From The Big Fight Episode Of 'Siesta Key'

I think we can all agree that Wednesday night's episode of Siesta Key (aptly titled "Things Will Never Be The Same") was the most wild and intense one we've seen in a while. There were tears, pool pushes, petty drama, and violent drama, which was all fueled by sweaty glasses of Chardonnay and deep-seated insecurities.

Let’s unpack this trainwreck of an episode and rank our favorite moments.

# 4: Someone Bring Tissues For All Of Our Ish-ues

When Ish Soto walks off to take a phone call during their engagement photoshoot and Madisson Hausburg is left with her thoughts... oof.

Kelsey Owens makes sure Madisson is actually okay and that’s when Madisson literally bursts into tears. We’ve all been there; when someone asks us how we feel it just makes us want to cry more. Madisson reveals to Kelsey that she understands Ish has to travel to be a producer for shows, but it just gets too hard and too lonely sometimes.

Kelsey, heartbroken for her bestie, is a little shocked to learn about Madisson’s struggles with anxiety and depression, but it was obvious to the rest of us (at least to those of us who suffer from similar things). Madisson talked about how bad her mental health has been and how she knows she has to work on it herself, rather than depend on Ish to help her through the dark times. I think it’s safe to say that we all have felt a little or a lot of what Madisson is feeling, and it was great to see on-screen.

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