Are Kelsey & Chloe Friends Now? Kelsey Tells Us How She Feels

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Are Kelsey & Chloe Friends Now? Kelsey Tells Us How She Feels

In the second-to-last episode of Season 4 of Siesta Key, Kelsey Owens and Chloe Trautman didn't exactly get along. Chloe meddled and tried to get Kelsey and Juliette Porter to make up, which we appreciated, but Kelsey? Not so much. On Wednesday, July 28, Kelsey basically called Chloe out for exaggerating the truth.

So, where do Chloe and Kelsey stand now? The Dipp contributor Tori Rios spoke with Kelsey about her status with Chloe, and below, read what she said:

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How has your relationship with Chloe been? We know that she decided not to join on the vacation. Was it easier for you to only have to do deal with Juliette?

My relationship with Chloe has had a lot of ups and downs, and still does. But for the most part, our relationship hasn't been amazing. So I just kind of expect Chloe to always be against me. I wasn't really phased by anything that would happen, on Chloe's end.

I feel like nobody can really pinpoint where the drama started between you two. Can you tell us a little bit about that and what you think about her wellness journey after everything that you two have been through?

At first I was very skeptical of it, because she's gone through her phases and I mean, she'll admit it, it all felt very all of a sudden. That was very alarming to a lot of us, and she was like, not going to drink. But since then, she's kind of been like, “Okay, I'm human. I can have my mess ups. I can have a couple of drinks.”

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