A Panda, From Netflix's 'Sexy Beasts', Is The Most Relatable Dating Show Contestant Ever

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A Panda, From Netflix's 'Sexy Beasts', Is The Most Relatable Dating Show Contestant Ever

Anyone who has ever spent an hour swiping left on shirtless men holding giant fish on Bumble will feel Sexy Beasts' Panda's deep desire to find a normal man to spend her life with on Sexy Beasts. Does her excitement over going on blind dates with a tin man, a bull, and an orange and yellow alien border on manic? Sure, but again, have you not seen how many men think they're at their hottest when they're holding dead animals on dating sites? The masks are a step up, to be honest.

Panda, real name Kariselle, is refreshingly honest about what's she looking for from her potential mates: she wants to get married, have babies, and get out of the dating game for good. Basically, she's come in with the energy of a Bachelorette star who is not just on the show for endorsement deals. Even though she only has three randomly selected and fully masked up mates to choose from, she's already all in.

But the best (and most relatable) thing about Panda is her brutally honest admission that her friends would describe her as a tiny bit psychotic. Look, Panda knows she's a lot, and she's not going to hide her true personality in hopes of wooing a man wearing Tin Man prosthetics. Personally, I find her candid confession inspiring, and while Tin Man actually whoops for joy when she doesn't pick him, it's no big loss.

Hey, if he can't handle her party planner energy and desire to find something serious, then he doesn't deserve her. Dating apps push this idea that people need to sell themselves to their potential partners by softening their edges, especially women. But much like Panda, I'm sick of pretending I'm a casual cool girl when really I'm a super anxious lady looking for someone who will watch copious amounts of TV with me, and love the fact that I throw a birthday party for my dog every year.

Let's take a look back at all of the times Panda was a dating hero on Sexy Beasts, because sometimes it's cool to own the fact that you have zero chill.

When She Didn't Sugarcoat The Absurdity Of The Situation

Being single can be awesome, but if you've been actively looking for love for a while, then Panda's admission likely made you feel seen. At a certain point, you're willing to try anything as long as it means you'll never again receive a "DTF" text from some rando. And yes, that includes popping on a panda mask and appearing on TV's strangest dating show.

That Moment When She Scared Tin Man Off For Good

Turns out, if you want a boring and/or weird person to leave you alone, all you need to do is tell them is your friends would describe you as a "lunatic, crazy, psychopath." The panic in Tin Man's eyes is clear even through all of those layers of prosthetics, which only confirms Panda's blunt honesty is the only way to go if you want to separate the duds from the studs (I'm so sorry, it was right there).

When She Got Super Candid About Her Personality

I felt Panda saying "I am a lot" deep in my soul. That's the level of honesty I aspire for in all areas of my life, not just dating.

That Time She Made It Clear What Her Priories Are

Panda always keeps it real, so when she started vibing with the Bull, she asked him the hard-hitting questions including whether or not he wants kids and if he has health insurance. Forget asking someone what their sign is, inquiring about their health insurance status is definitely a better icebreaker question for the serious-minded dater.

If you're tired of reality TV contestants who all swear they're just here to party and keep things casual, then Panda is a breathe of really weird fresh air. She's a little bit quirky, and she clearly doesn't believe in filters, but that's exactly what makes her so unique. The jury is still out on whether or not she did indeed find her future husband underneath an alien mask, but as a fellow fed up singleton, I'm pulling for a happily ever after ending for this bold and bubbly reality TV personality.


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