The Hunt For Carrie's New Apartment On 'And Just Like That'

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The Hunt For Carrie's New Apartment On 'And Just Like That'

A house isn't a home until you make it one. And judging by the lack of furniture she brought with her, Carrie Bradshaw never wanted to make this new space a home. In Episode 6 of And Just Like That... Carrie moves into a new apartment overlooking the Hudson River in a dreaded downtown neighborhood of Manhattan. (For most it would not be considered dreaded, but for someone who just had hip surgery and is contemplating a face lift while having been comfortably perched above Central Park most of her adult life, it is.) Naturally, because New York real estate — specifically Carrie Bradshaw's — is such a big deal to the SATC fandom, we had to look into this barren apartment in the sky.

First and foremost, the apartment is insane. Like, Million Dollar Listing: New York insane. It's all white. All windows. Not a touch of personality to be seen. But what you can see is all of New Jersey and the Hudson River. So, I guess you have to pick those "non-negotiable" while house hunting and be willing to part with things like warmth, character, and homeyness.

In our hunt to find this apartment on New York's trusted StreetEasy (and even Zillow), we had to examine the clues that we were given in order to locate this place, just in case we come into an exorbitant amount of wealth and want to move in. So let's begin...

1. You can see the Old Train Station and clocktower at the Lackawanna Railroad Terminal in Hoboken, New Jersey from the window.

2. You can see the Hudson River clearly, too.

3. You can see the Palazzo Chupri building, located at 360 W. 11th St., in New York's West Village, from outside another set of windows.

4. You see these two-tone buildings on the New Jersey side out of her window? Those buildings are located by Pier C in Hoboken.

This Google Maps photo is from 2015, and there has been a lot of industrial growth since then
Image: Google Maps 

5. Although Carrie says on the phone that she lives in 5D, this is definitely not a fifth floor view, so we can't count on Carrie for any help.

This all means that this apartment must be somewhere on (or on a very high floor near) West St. between Gansevoort St. and 11th St.

From there, we took the search to StreetEasy and Zillow, where we looked through many, many apartment listings within the mapped area. Could it be this penthouse at 400 W. 12th St.?

Image: Streeteasy
Image: Streeteasy 

This apartment would have a very similar view to Carrie's and the floor plan above would make sense with what we saw of her apartment. But of course it's not that easy — because Carrie's apartment doesn't exist. No, the scenes were filmed at New York's famous Steiner Studios, confirmed by HBO Max, where they built out the stunning home. So, save your lotto winnings for another apartment, or perhaps just keep your eyes peeled for a listing on Carrie's Perry St. apartment.

Images: HBO Max

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