The Entryway Of Carrie's Brownstone Has Finally Been Revealed

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The Entryway Of Carrie's Brownstone Has Finally Been Revealed

And just like that, we are back with another episode and yet another Sex And The City first. And no, I'm not talking about Rose being Rock Goldenblatt or Miranda Hobbes cheating on Steve Brady. For the first time ever, we finally get to see the inside of Carrie Bradshaw's brownstone.

Yes, I know this seems crazy that we have never, ever seen past the doorway that those iconic outside steps lead into, but it's true. While we've seen Carrie in her apartment many a time, this is the first time seeing what the inside of the building looks like.

And honestly, I'm surprised by how nice the entryway is. Carrie's apartment is set on the Upper East Side (on East 73rd street), but in reality, the exterior shots of her building are of 64 Perry Street, in the West Village. The real building sold for over $13 million in 2013, and according to StreetEasy, the real entryway to that building looks like this:

I've lived in New York City for nearly seven years now, and I have never seen an entryway of a brownstone building look this nice. Usually the entryway and stairs leading up to the apartments are a bit run down and not renovated. And as Carrie's realtor Seema Patel points out, usually they have a musty smell, too.

Here's what Carrie's entryway looks like:

Carrie's entryway is pretty classic: there's mail on the entry table (it's the unspoken rule that when you get mail in your mailbox isn't addressed to you, you leave it on the entry table) and a few stray packages for tenants in the building.

Speaking of the other tenants, there's a bike and a stroller with a kid's backpack hanging on it in the background. Who are these people who live on the first floor of Carrie's brownstone? What's their story??

Correct me with I'm wrong, but I can't recall ever meeting any of Carrie's neighbors. This seems a little weird since she's the OG WFH queen and so much of her story takes place in her apartment; New Yorkers live in very close proximity so in my opinion, this is a missed opportunity from a storytelling perspective. Let's meet the neighbors! Who wouldn't love to be introduced to old Mrs. Fitzgerald in 2D, who's always complaining about the "clickety-clacking" of the heels from the apartment above her. Or maybe two kids live below Carrie, and they love playing dress up in her closet when they're watering her one plant while she's out of town.

Darren, let me know if you want to talk spin-off because I got ideas.

Images: HBOMax

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