Are Miranda & Che Really Endgame On 'And Just Like That'?

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Are Miranda & Che Really Endgame On 'And Just Like That'?

And Just Like That... Miranda asks Steve for a divorce and is off to Cleveland in a cab to tell Che that she wants to be with them. And, based on every other movie and/or TV show I've seen where a character blows up their life to chase an impulsive stand-up comedian who doesn't "do traditional" to a midwestern state, I predict this will end very, very badly for Rambo.

In Episode 8 of And Just Like That... Miranda decides she wants out of her (closed) marriage to Steve — someone who has been painfully portrayed as the lazy old guy in the reboot — so she can live her truth and be with Che. And while I'm all for people living their truths and exploring their sexuality, whenever that may happen in life, there are many reasons why this is going to crash and burn.

1) They started their relationship in a pretty suspicious way: A bed-ridden Carrie forced to pee in a Snapple bottle while Miranda got fingered by Carrie's boss.

2) They also started their relationship on a bed/kitchen of lies: Sure, Miranda never said she was cheating on Steve with Che, but Che was visibly upset that they were "the homewrecker" in the relationship, versus Miranda being in an open marriage.

3) Che is "anything" but "traditional": Their words, of course. It's also important to note that Che doesn't seem interested in being anything traditional, so unless Miranda is prepared to abandon all of her previous notions of love and relationships, oof.

4) They haven't talked about what they want in a relationship: Or if Che even wants to be in a relationship, exclusively, with Miranda. Before breaking up your marriage, Miranda, let's make sure everyone's on the same page, perhaps?

5) Chasing! Someone! Rarely! Works!: Miranda has had a pretty shit go at it in this reboot (from the drinking to the fumbled wokeness to having Brady as a son), so why would this be any different.

Will Miranda get her happy ending? Do we think this is the moment in the show that the writers decide to be kind to her and give her everything she's ever wanted (for the last couple of months?). We've only got two episodes and one short flight to Cleveland to find out.

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