All The New Characters In The 'And Just Like That...' Premiere

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All The New Characters In The 'And Just Like That...' Premiere

And just like that... we're back in Manhattan with our favorite foursome, I mean threesome, looking more fabulous than ever. In addition to seeing Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte back together again — which truly made my millennial heart so happy — we also got to meet new SATC characters whose stories are already playing important roles in the season.

Through these new characters, the show is able to branch out into telling more diverse stories, a much-needed departure from the original. So let's take a look at who we're working with, shall we? Introducing...

Lisa Todd Wexley (LTW)

Within the first couple of minutes we have Charlotte fangirling over her new BFF and for good reason. Lisa Todd Wexley, known as LTW, is a documentarian, humanitarian, and on International Vogue's Best Dressed list. The pair are both on the parent school board and her son takes lessons from the same piano teach as Charlotte's daughter, Lily. I have a feeling she is here to fill the void of Samantha.

Herbert Wexley

LTW's husband is "an investment banker who might run for mayor"... and also needs to drink alcohol to get through his son's piano recital. (He is also played by Broadway's Christopher Jackson.)


While she isn't new, I love seeing Lily (and Rose and Brady) all grown up! Lily is seems well behaved and is a piano protégé. She and Charlotte seem to be two peas in a pod.


Rose is a rebel tomboy who is absolutely going to challenge Charlotte in this series.

Dr. Nya Wallace

Dr. Nya Wallace is Miranda's professor. We also learn in a quick conversation with her husband that they are having trouble conceiving.

Andre Wallace

Andre is a musician and Nya's husband.

Che Diaz

Che is the non-binary podcast host of X, Y, and Me. They are very laid back and very the opposite of Carrie, which will make their dynamic incredible to watch.

Jackie Nee

Jackie is Carrie and Che's co-host on the podcast, X, Y, and Me.

Brady and Luisa

I need more Brady. Seeing him as a sex-crazed teenager is hilarious, especially because Miranda is struggling with it.

I am really excited to see how Nya and Miranda's relationship evolves. I felt their first interaction was so real and awkward and perfect. I also love Che getting Carrie out of her bubble. I definitely think so far everyone is a value add. I truly cannot wait to see watch more.

Images: HBO Max

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