Is Carrie's Soulmate In 'Sex And The City' Herself? Here's How The Reboot Could Go Down

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Is Carrie's Soulmate In 'Sex And The City' Herself? Here's How The Reboot Could Go Down

If we've learned anything from Sex and the City, it's that while men come and go, friends are forever. (Unless you are Samantha in the reboot.) As HBO gears up for And Just Like That..., and the rumors of Big's death allowing Carrie to end up with her "one true love" swirling, I couldn't help but wonder (I know, I know...) if Carrie's "one true love" on Sex and the City is actually... herself.

Celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi first shared the blind item rumor in Jan. 2021. Although it had little details at the time, it felt aligned with the developing SATC news. "This reboot will eliminate one of the main characters love interests so that they can bring back their one true love...not sure how the fans will feel about this tho," the account shared with their followers. When it was confirmed that Chris Noth wouldn't be returning to the reboot And Just Like That..., it seemed as if all the pieces were falling into place.

But if Big isn't Carrie's one true love... is it Aidan? Is it Berger? (HA!)... Is it herself? Let's examine how the show might make this argument work for the revival.

Samantha Always Preached Self-Possession

Out of the four, Samantha was always the one to advise the girls that relying on yourself is where it counts. Exhibit A: When Charlotte is scared of the idea of ending up alone, Samantha reminds her that "sweetie, we're all alone. Even when we're with men."

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