Here's Where The 'SATC' Characters Are Now In The Reboot

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Here's Where The 'SATC' Characters Are Now In The Reboot

It has been over 11 years since Sex And the City 2 bookended Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha's fabulous New York City lives. (Even if you don't want to recognize it as part of the SATC canon, you have to accept it.) In And Just Like That..., the Sex And the City characters are all at different points in their life since we last saw them, so we thought it would be helpful to rundown what everyone's been up to over the last decade. It's like a high school reunion, but involving people you don't want to run away from when you see them.

As a reminder, this is where we left each of the characters:

  • Carrie and Big were married and watching TV in their bedroom (black and white movies, only), despite Carrie kissing Aidan while on vacation. (She and Big hit a dry spell, OK?) But all's well that ends well, and the two remain solid.
  • Charlotte, despite her concerns that her nanny was too hot, finds comfort in knowing that Erin is a lesbian and no threat to her marriage to Harry. She eventually finds comfort in having the extra help in her home and raising her daughters.
  • Miranda was still crushing it as a lawyer, married to Steve and raising her son Brady. Fortunately for her, she finds a new job that isn't as soul-sucking as her former one. (We can all agree that Miranda deserved this win.)
  • Samantha may have been dealing with menopause, but literally nothing has changed with her. God bless.

And here's where all the characters are now at the start of And Just Like That.... And warning: Spoilers to come for the new series.


  • Has a fashion-focused Instagram of strangers with "interesting style"
  • Has a job as a guest on X, Y, and Me podcast, hosted by Che Diaz


  • Mom to Lily and Rose
  • Still incredibly wrapped up in the Upper East Side parenting scene (and very good at it)


  • Greying (and Charlotte misses the red)
  • Getting a Masters in Human Rights to pair with her law degree
  • Recently left her job as a corporate lawyer


  • Living in London
  • Not speaking to the other women via text or email or phone calls
  • Still working as a publicist, without Carrie as a client


  • Got hearing aides (with 60% hearing loss in one ear and 40% in the other)


  • Still working at the beginning of the series
  • On his 1,000th ride on Peloton
  • Spoiler... dead


  • Still doing his best as a great husband and father

Stanford & Anthony

  • Fighting a lot
  • Anthony has a sourdough business called Hot Fellas Bread (and is often scrolling for hot boys)

The Kids

  • Lily is a piano protege and seemingly well-behaved child
  • Rose is also a seemingly well-adjusted child, though not conforming to Charlotte's visions for her
  • Brady is having sex with his girlfriend Louisa and leaving used condoms on the floor of his bedroom

Images: HBO Max

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