What Does One Wear When Divorcing The Richest Man In NYC? Forever 21!

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What Does One Wear When Divorcing The Richest Man In NYC? Forever 21!

What does one wear when one is divorcing the richest man in Manhattan? Forever 21, of course! Granted, we don't know for sure if Carrie and Big are getting divorced in the Sex and the City revival, but if the photos of Carrie wearing a Forever 21 dress on the And Just Like That set are to be believed, I'm betting they're fully over.

No offense to Forever 21, but the fast fashion chain is not exactly the first brand one thinks of when you think Carrie Bradshaw's closet. It's not even the second or third or fourth or hundredth. This is a woman who once wore a necklace shaped like a pretzel that was reportedly worth $7,000. The old Carrie is not waltzing into the Forever 21 in Times Square on a Saturday digging through disorganized racks of clothing for the perfect maxi dress. But, according to these pics, the new Carrie is.

Tuesday, July 27, Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted filming scenes for And Just Like That in NYC wearing what fans later identified as a Forever 21 maxi dress, paired with a Gucci and Balenciaga bag and Terry de Havilland heels worth at least $300. Some things change and some things stay the same, I guess.

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Putting aside the question of whether or not this whole outfit actually looks good (and it does NOT), the idea of Carrie wearing Forever 21 is a huge red flag. Yes, she's been known to sometimes mix more affordable finds with designer pieces, but Forever 21? If that's not a red flag I don't know what is. And, to me, Carrie Bradshaw shopping at F21 can only mean one thing: her and Big are done for good.

Look, one simply does not go from wearing things that cost more than one month's rent to wearing a $20 dress without some major life events. And, if the leaked And Just Like That script is to be believed, there's trouble for Big and Carrie regardless of her wardrobe. Personally, I can totally see Carrie making an effort to embrace more affordable style if she's splitting from Big — especially if she signed a prenup. We've all read the think pieces about how Carrie would be deeply in debt IRL. Maybe she's finally wising up to her unhealthy spending habits!


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