Could These 'The Carrie Diaries' Boyfriends Be The Answer To A Big-Less 'SATC' Reboot?

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Could These 'The Carrie Diaries' Boyfriends Be The Answer To A Big-Less 'SATC' Reboot?

With Big as non-committal as ever (Chris Noth is being very vague about if Big will return to the SATC reboot) and no information about Aidan resurfacing, HBO Max's And Just Like That... may need to dig deeper into the archives when it comes to Carrie's love interests. Luckily, we have two seasons of the Sex and the City prequel to thumb through to figure out if any of Carrie's love interests from The Carrie Diaries could make a comeback all these years later.

But who could make a return and who should remain a distant memory within the titular diaries? Let's look at some of Carrie's early flames to see if any of them could be worthy contenders for the revival.

Bachelor Number 1: George Silver

George Silver was the wealthy, entitled son of Carrie's father's friend on The Carrie Diaries. He and Carrie would play around in poison ivy as kids and attend swanky soirees after they reconnected as teens, but he was mostly just a distraction to make Sebastian jealous. (And he really crossed the line when he tried to pressure Carrie into having sex for the first time in the back of his limo...with his chauffeur in the front seat.)

Revival chances? Severely unlikely. He's in the past for a reason. He was never brought up again after they split, save for a mention that he missed his father's wedding because he was in rehab.

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