Big Would Never Have Really Gone To Paris In The 'Sex And The City' Finale

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Big Would Never Have Really Gone To Paris In The 'Sex And The City' Finale

Sex and the City and "realistic" are often not used in the same sentence. From Carrie redoing her floors in a rental, to the women never having to wait for a table at weekend brunch, sometimes the show feels a bit unbelievable. But perhaps the most unbelievable thing is what happens in the finale, when Big goes to Paris to get Carrie back.

While I'm sure we've all grown and changed in our own ways, I really don't believe a leopard like Big could change his spots this much. Big is a commitment-phobic, elusive, often-unavailable man. And his sudden jolt of realizing Carrie's "the one" just seems too convenient for my taste.

Before you say, "Come on, it's the series finale! It's a grand gesture!" I get it. I wish all of us could max out our credit cards on Dior, jet off to Paris with our latest boyfriend, and then be whisked back home by our one true love. I want that for everyone.

But Big's reality check just doesn't check out to me. He ping-ponged back and forth with Carrie for the entire series, so much so, that even Carrie dismisses him when he tries to "sweep in and shit all over" her happiness yet again before she leaves for Paris.

Level with me: am I too much of a realist? Do you think Big going to Paris in the finale felt earned or just played out as Carrie would have wanted it to in her ideal scenario? Let me know in the comments!


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