Where Is The Beeping Coming From In 'And Just Like That...'?

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Where Is The Beeping Coming From In 'And Just Like That...'?

So you move into a multi-million dollar apartment. You don't bring much with you, because your husband just died post-Peloton and, well, your best friend wants to Marie Kondo your entire storage unit. So, all you have is a few plates, some seasonings, and the bare minimum of food. You're in your new home and suddenly... "beep, beep, beep." Something is beeping and, reader, the call is coming from inside the house.

When Carrie hears the beeping in her new apartment, she, like any rational human, begins to go crazy. A woman on the verge, I tell ya. But what exactly was causing the beeping in Carrie's apartment? Luckily, she moved out quicker than you can say, "Hey! It's Che Diaz," but that wasn't enough for us, because the beeping in Episode 6 was a mystery greater than Samantha's fate before the series launched.

The Oven

Carrie checks the oven first, which isn't a bad guess, since this exact thing happened to me. When you move into a new place, the cleaning chemicals used can sometimes set off a warning when you try to cook for the first couple of times. With that said, we know Carrie only uses her oven for her sweaters, so if she's got that oven on... then we have another problem entirely.

The Dishwasher

Even after Carrie checks the dishwasher, Anthony tells her to "try it again, it's always the dishwasher." Is it, Anthony?

The Cellphone

While we know that Carrie picks up her phone because it is ringing, sometimes you hear different beep notifications that you've never heard before. The first time the game center went off on my phone, I was so confused, I didn't know where the noise was coming from. Or perhaps it's because Carrie is using a Blackberry and the beeping was her phone telling her that Blackberry no longer exists to the world.

The Refrigerator

This, to me, seems like a very reasonable guess. If a fridge door is left slightly ajar, it will begin beeping thanks to a sensor. Surely Carrie is working with the top brass of appliances in this home, so I'd have to believe it had a sensor. Alas, the fridge doesn't stop the beeping either.

The AC

We already knew this apartment was fancy AF, but the AC? That's next level bougie right there. It seems to not be the AC though, since when she fiddled with it, she ended up turning it off, but the beeping kept on.

The Microwave

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One place she didn't check is the microwave. We see that she is cooking, but could she have put something in there to defrost and forgot about it? My microwave is very aggressive when I don't take something out right away so this is another possibility.

The Smoke Detector

How this wasn't even mentioned is beyond me. It has to be the smoke detector, right? Three beeps, consistently going off until you stand on a chair and almost fall/break your neck all for the sake of some peace and quiet? Definitely an amateur mistake not to check this, Carrie. Probably just need to throw in a new battery.

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