13 Things We Learned From The 'And Just Like That' Documentary

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13 Things We Learned From The 'And Just Like That' Documentary

With the And Just Like That... finale dropping, we also get a documentary that goes inside the making of the much-talked about reboot. My hot take is that it's actually better than the show. Where AJLT seemed to leave plot holes and unfinished stories, the look behind-the-scenes presented a very meticulous and purposeful series. (One I would have loved to have seen.)

While we wait with bated breath to hear about a potential Season 2 of And Just Like That, here are all the things we learned from the And Just Like That... The Documentary!

1. Molly Rodgers, the costume designer, went through Sarah Jessica Parker's archives to find pieces that were worthy to be reintroduced to the reboot so fans could "have little treats in the background" from her closet. SJP also saved pieces of furniture from the original series, as well.

2. In regards to Sarah Jessica Parker's relationship with Carrie throughout the years they've been away, SJP says that "...if I see something that's memorable or uniquely New York, I think I'm seeing it for her as well, or with her."

3. Michael Patrick King made sure in the directing and blocking of the show that no new characters metaphorically replaced Samantha. An example of this is in the opening scene of the first episode where Lisa Todd Wexley only sits downs at brunch with Charlotte after Carrie and Miranda get up.

4. Parker has only seen every episode once. So, don't invite her to your Sex and the City trivia, perhaps?

5. The scene with Nya and Miranda on the subway is the first time they have ever had a scene on the subway in the run of the entire show.

6. King hates hats and has been called the "hat killer" by production members.

7. Parker personally curated Carrie's closet to make it feel more Carrie and more lived in.

8. Costuming isn't necessarily about picking the most chic or fashionable items. Even Parker agrees that the Gaultier suit she wore with her publisher was "hideous."

9. Original plans had Karen Pittman, Nya, to be Miranda's love interest.

10. Parker was the only one to know that Willie Garson (Stanford) was sick. The last time most of the cast saw him was during the filming of Big's funeral. He died of pancreatic cancer in September at age 57.

11. Garson believed that Stanford was SATC fans' favorite character.

12. The moment in Episode 4 when Charlotte confuses a guest at the dinner party with a different person she knows is based off Keli Goff's, a writer and supervising producer on the series, real life experiences.

13. Kristin Davis took tennis lessons in preparation for Charlotte's tennis match with the Wexleys.

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