A Primer On The 'Selling Tampa' Brokerage Allure Realty

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A Primer On The 'Selling Tampa' Brokerage Allure Realty

Move over Oppenheim Group, there's a new brokerage taking over Netflix, and these real estate agents are more focused on selling houses than they are drama. I love the Machiavellian twists of Selling Sunset as much as the next reality TV show fan, but there's something refreshing about the work ethic at Allure Realty on Selling Tampa. Under the leadership of military veteran Sharelle Rosado, the brokerage runs smoothly even when the ladies clash — which is an impressive feat in the world of reality TV.

Sharelle officially started Allure Realty in 2019 after selling houses for two years as a side hustle. She quickly made it her mission to recruit women of color and focus on the luxury housing market (although she also specializes in military relocation according to her Linkedin profile). In a recent interview with People, the successful entrepreneur shared how she keeps everyone focused on work, while also still encouraging her employees to have fun — when it's appropriate.

"Being in the military, it's always taught me to have bearings. I incorporate my military bearings into Allure," she explained. "They know I'm the boss and I don't tolerate anything. If it gets out of hand, I don't even have to raise my voice. I give them a look and that stern voice comes on. They know it's a time and a place for everything."

Sharelle's tough love management style is paying off. Since it began in 2019, Allure Reality has opened a second office in Miami, and she's currently hard at work on opening a third office in Charlotte, North Carolina. By surrounding herself with equally driven and talented women, and refusing to compromise on her dream for her business, Sharelle has managed to create a thriving brokerage in the midst of the pandemic.

The army veteran is just as passionate about curating her personal brand as she is about seeing Allure grow. In an interview with CNBC, she revealed offers from reality TV producers started coming in shortly after Allure opened its doors, but Sharelle had a vision for the show that she wanted to ensure made it to the small screen. She shared that her biggest fear was the women of the firm would be portrayed as "catty and materialistic."

As she told CNBC, "I didnt want to be stereotyped." This led the 33-year-old to take matters into her own hands by directly contacting the producers of Selling Sunset via Twitter. Happily, they were more than willing to forgo the traditional reality show drama in order to let Sharelle and the rest of the brokerage — including Alexis Williams, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Colony Reeves, Juawana Colbert-Williams, Karla Giorgio, Rena Frazier, and Tennille Moore — do what they do best: make serious money on the luxury housing market.

The end result is an accurate depiction of what goes on at the Allure offices on a day-to-day business with a few lavish lunches thrown in for good measure. Selling Tampa may not be quite as dramatic as Selling Sunset, but the show is inspirational and aspirational in the best possible way. As Sharelle said to ABC Action News, "Minority women can get into luxury and we can kill it as well."

Selling Tampa is all about celebrating the hard work that went into making Allure a success, but it's about the drive and hustle of all the women who work there, too. While there's no villain to hiss at ala Selling Sunset's Christine, there are plenty of people to admire on Netflix's latest glamourous realty show. And the scenery in Tampa is not too shabby either.

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