How Tall Is The 'Selling Sunset' Cast? A Height Investigation

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How Tall Is The 'Selling Sunset' Cast? A Height Investigation

Aside from the real estate and Christine Quinn's statement bags, one of the more visually compelling aspects of Netflix's Selling Sunset is just how tall all of the women are compared to Jason and Brett Oppenheim. The twins' business model is to hire stunning women to sell real estate for them (at least on the show, in real life, other men do work at the agency). While that might come off a little chauvinist on the surface, it's worth noting that the brothers believe in their agents' abilities and also aren't intimidated by women towering over them in red bottoms day in and day out. And tower they do.

In episode 8 of Season 4, Heather Young jokes that Jason and Brett are 5'5" despite the fact that the internet pegs the brothers at one inch taller. Christine also once told Express that the Oppenheim brothers were 5'3" which means someone is lying or overestimating how tiny these men really are.

Then again, when you're looming over someone in 6 inch heels, it's all about perception. Just to get a better idea of what the office dynamics are really like, here's a full breakdown of the Selling Sunset agents' heights, according to the internet.


Chrishell is reportedly 5'6" so she is almost equally as tall as her new beau, Jason. But she is almost never not in heels, which means she definitely has to lean over for a kiss.


Heather is 5'7" so definitely way taller than her bosses when she's strutting around the office.


Mary seems like the shorty of the group, but she and Chrishell are the same height, clocking in at 5'5." Just like her ex — seems like Jason does have a type.


Christine says that she is 5'9," making her one of the tallest agents at the agency. When you factor in all of the insanely high heels and platforms she wears, Jason and Brett must feel like little gnomes when she's talking to them. Inside and out, she's a force to be reckoned with.


Maya Is also pretty tall, coming in at 5'7." She also tends to dress more conservatively than the other women, so she likely seems way shorter than the other women with her more reasonable footwear.


This one is going to blow you away as she just seems... compact, but Amanza is reportedly 5'10" which is way, way taller than most of the agents and definitely taller than the Oppenheim twins.


This one is tricky, since outlets report that Emma is either 5'6," 5'9," or 5'10," making it hard to know which is correct. Still, she is super long it seems, used to be a model, and she's also not scared of Christine, so let's assume she's definitely on the taller side. Then again, it could be the heels, right?


Davina is another sort of villain on the show, but she's slightly shorter than Christine, Amanza, and Emma, standing tall at 5'7."


Vanessa, another new agent and former soap star, is also quite tiny, coming in at 5'5," just like her bosses. No wonder they like her.

Images: Netflix

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