Christine's French Fry Purse On 'Selling Sunset' Is Surprisingly Affordable

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Christine's French Fry Purse On 'Selling Sunset' Is Surprisingly Affordable

One of the most dramatic things to happen in Selling Sunset Season 5 is Christine Quinn dropping her French fry purse. I audibly gasped. After all, this is the same woman who spent $940 on a chair accessory in Season 4, per Shop Your TV. Surely, her bejeweled French fries must cost twice that, right? Wrong! It turns out Christine's latest statement piece is surprisingly affordable in the grand scheme of things.

The sparkly bag is from a brand called Akira and retails at just $119, which is still pricy for a bag you won't be carrying on the regular, but also not an unattainable price if you're looking to treat yourself. Now, Christine has never struck me as someone who would be caught carrying a non-name brand bag, but in this instance, her love for pink fries seems to have outweighed her love for all things couture.

What makes the situation even more interesting is that her bag seems to have duped her new pal, Chelsea Lazkani. After Christine enlists someone to pick up her fallen handbag because she literally can't bend over (Jennifer Coolidge would be so disappointed in her), Chelsea comments that a "fabulous woman never bends" and "not with a Judith Lieber." Now my first thought was she must be wearing a dress by Judith Lieber, who is a designer I'm not cultured enough to have heard of, but her dress is a Balmain (that retails for a staggering $1,100).

However, Judith Lieber does make a shockingly expensive French Fry purse in the $5k range. Is Christine's purse actually a dupe of the high-end fashion bag? And did Chelsea think she was carrying a real Judith Lieber? I have so many questions about this scene.


The only thing I know for sure is that Christine didn't drop that much money on the floor when her shiny French Fries slipped from her hand. Thank the fashion gods it wasn't the chair.

Image: Netflix

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