What Does Christine's Husband Christian From 'Selling Sunset' Actually Do?

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What Does Christine's Husband Christian From 'Selling Sunset' Actually Do?

We know and love Christine for who she is: a flashy, rich, bad bitch. And this season it seems her extravagant lifestyle has reached an all time high. I about spit out my Cab Sav when she said she was searching for a small, cozy 10,000 square foot home. Add in all the Erika Girardi meets Dorit Kemsley fashion she wore all season and I couldn't help but wonder just how much Christine is spending to just exist. We know Christine is great at selling multimillion dollar houses, but what about Christine's husband, Christian? What does he do and more importantly, how much money is he making?

Don't get me wrong, it is very clear that Christine is an independent women who is very good at her job and makes her own damn money. But, like I said, her lifestyle is extravagant. Like really extravagant. Like, it's expensive to be me a la Pretty Mess extravagant. (Side bar: if this whole Selling Sunset thing doesn't work out for Christine, I'm sure Andy would welcome her with open arms on RHOBH). So I circle back to my earlier question — what's Christian Richard's deal? I did a little investigating. Let's get into it...

What does he do for work?

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Christine told Women's Health magazine that he went MIT and is a retired tech entrepreneur who helped to build the first online food delivery service. It was sold to GrubHub, which I'm sure helped to contribute to his $20 million net worth.

How did Christine and Christian meet?

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The pair met through mutual friends and fell in love rather quickly. On the Not Skinny But Not Fat Podcast, Christine told host, Amanda Hirsch, that she "met [Christian] through a girlfriend of mine. She went on a date with him and she just wasn't into it. And she was like, 'Hey, I went on a date with this guy and just like, not feeling it, but I do know that he is looking for a house...So I went on a date with him and, I was like, oh, I really ... like this guy." The pair were married within a year and welcomed their son into the world on May 15, 2021.

Why is he not on the show more?

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He told Christine that it's not really "his thing" but he does it for her anyway, despite being really shy on camera and feeling uncomfortable. In general, he doesn't really care about fancy clothes or an extravagant lifestyle. Christine told Women's Health that "he’s never really cared about the finer things in life or fancy things at all, so he just loves when I do my thing, and he trusts me and knows that I have really great taste. So, he’s always like, 'You do your thing, I trust you. Whatever you pull together, it’s always fabulous."

Forget about his net worth, a man that loves his wife so much that he would be on a reality show for her is a keeper.

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