Why hasn't Pete been on SNL?

It was strange enough that Pete wasn't on the show last week, particularly since he's so close with John Mulaney. They've done bits before (the Mule Weekend Update sketch is a classic), and it was kind of a shame to not see them together again. But, now, for two weekends in a row, Pete hasn't appeared on the show, even though he's everywhere in the headlines.

I know he's supposedly filming another movie (a thriller called The Home). And I know it's not uncommon at this point for cast members to leave the show temporarily for other projects (Kate McKinnon did it earlier this season, and Cecily Strong one or two seasons back for Schmigadoon). But him being absent and no one talking about it does seem a little bit like ignoring the elephant in the room — it's surprising there hasn't even been a Weekend Update reference of any kind.

So, given Kanye's behavior towards him, and the music video, part of me wonders if it's more than just the movie that's keeping Pete away and keeping the show from mentioning his absence and the headlines. We know the surefire way for Kanye to get what he wants is for Pete to be on SNL and talk about all the drama, and him not being there gives them an excuse to not broach the subject. Plus, I imagine they would have to beef up security on the show in order to accommodate Pete, given the fact that Kanye has essentially threatened him.

Of course, it could all be about scheduling... but it FEELS like something more intentional than that. Am I alone in thinking that?