Graph of cast member screen time this season

With a cast that's so big, it's a surprise that anyone had any screen time this season. But someone put together a graph showcasing just who had the most appearances during the course of the SNL season, and (surprise, surprise), Kenan Thompson takes the cake:

Still, a few things that I find interesting:

- Despite being gone for so much of the season, Pete Davidson STILL logged more time on screen than Melissa Villasenor, Punkie Johnson, Aristotle Athari, and Sarah Sherman, the latter of which I could swear was on more than just 42 minutes

- Aristotle's 15 minutes is HALF the time of Punkie Johnson, who comes in second-to-last with 29 minutes. That... does not spell well for Aristotle

- Colin Jost has 109 minutes, while Michael Che only has 77 minutes. Colin has appeared in a few sketches so that makes up some of the time, but all the Colin teasing during Weekend Update seems to give him a much bigger share

- The newbie with the most screentime: James Austin Johnson. It helps to have an impression that pretty much guarantees you the cold open ever week

- Cecily is such a star, and I hope she becomes the next Kenan who never leaves, that is all.