Why Is Reggie Working For Hiram On 'Riverdale'? There's More To His Story, Says Writer Chrissy Maroon

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Why Is Reggie Working For Hiram On 'Riverdale'? There's More To His Story, Says Writer Chrissy Maroon

In Season 5's "Purgatorio," Reggie's post time jump fate on Riverdale is revealed. Is he coaching the Bulldogs to victory? Working at his family's car dealership? Slinging cocktails at the Whyte Worm, 2.0? Nope. Reggie is working for Hiram Lodge, and his sole purpose in life seems to be trailing behind Veronica's dad during his intimidations of Riverdale residents. (Is his presence necessary because Reggie always keeps an extra bag of Hiram's apparent favorite snack Doritos on hand, just in case his mobster boss ever gets peckish? Who is to say!)

How did this happen to Reggie? During The Dipp's exclusive Clubhouse event with Riverdale writer Chrissy Maroon and @nocontextrvd's Macy Jones, the question of "what the hell, Reggie?!?" was finally addressed, with Maroon saying that Reggie was definitely the Riverdale resident who changed the most during the time jump years.

"Last we knew he was friends with everyone," Maroon explained. "It seemed like everything was going well. [But] he switched sides along the way somewhere."

Image: The CW

She's right: The last time we saw Reggie, he was tossing a football into the time capsule as a way to remember his beloved Bulldogs. In present day, he's not only working actively to tear the town of Riverdale to the ground, he's also coaching the Stonewall Prep football team — aka, the Bulldogs' rivals.

"What I'll say about Reggie is, a lot happens in the seven years that we didn't see," the writer teased. "And we haven't scratched the surface on those characters' stories yet. We will see more of Reggie and what got him to Hiram."

Image: The CW
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