Is Polly Dead On 'Riverdale'? The Highway Murderer May Strike Close To Home

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Is Polly Dead On 'Riverdale'? The Highway Murderer May Strike Close To Home

Betty and her sister Polly have long been at odds on Riverdale, so you know now that Betty is reinvested in their relationship, something bad is going to happen. And that was certainly the case in Wednesday's episode, "Homecoming," when Betty's sister was running for her life down a dark and very desolate highway. (Buses don't even stop there anymore, as we learned last week.) And while her fate remains in the balance, it certainly seems like Polly is going to die on Riverdale. (At least this probably means that Polly is not a serial killer, unlike the rest of Betty's family?)

This isn't the first time the Lonely Highway Killer (as we'll call him at this point — I'm sure the gang will come up with something a bit punchier once they take on the case) has attacked the crumbling town of Riverdale. In "Purgatorio," we saw Pop's waitress, Squeaky, get into the same threatening semi-truck with the skeleton on the front. (Talk about bad judgement!) At least Polly looks appropriately terrified in the final shots of the episode.

It's unclear how the Lonely Highway Killer found Polly. As far as we know, Polly has been hanging out with some shady people lately — staying out all hours of the night, probably doing Jingle Jangle with the Ghoulies in Archie's old house. Is it possible that the truck driver is in that crew? Or does he just drive down the highway looking for blonde women walking by themselves? If the latter is the case, Polly definitely is his type.

As for what could possible come of this terrifying incident, there are two avenues (excuse the roadway puns) this could go: First, Polly could be kidnapped by the truck driver and taken to some lair where he's also keeping Squeaky; or two, Polly will be killed. To support the latter theory, Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told The Dipp in an interview that this new mystery was going to "envelop" some of the key characters of the show, "including one of our favorite characters that we've known since Season 1, in kind of a tragic way."

Yeah, this isn't looking good for Polly at all.

And while Betty is still occupied with the nightmarish Trash Bag Killer, she may have a new mystery on her hands if Polly is declared missing (or dead). Luckily, all of her friends are back in Riverdale now, indefinitely, so consider the town's greatest detectives on the case. (Especially now that the town has been unincorporated and no one cares about public safety anymore.)

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