Who In Riverdale Is The Best & Worst At Business?

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Who In Riverdale Is The Best & Worst At Business?

On Riverdale, nearly everyone is a boss. I do not mean this metaphorically. I mean that almost every character on this show boasts some sort of business. That would be fine and normal if, say, this show was about 30-somethings living in a small town, but it's a little weird considering that, for most of these characters, their Riverdale businesses launched when they were still high school juniors.

Now that Riverdale has jumped ahead seven years, you would think that these folks might have the experience necessary to be wildly successful at whatever business venture they choose. Yet, somehow, the amount of time they spent owning businesses as teens does not necessarily make them particularly good at running things as a grown up. For example, I've recently wondered why Veronica thinks Riverdale, a broke and desolate town overrun by crime, is the place to open a high-end jewelry store. Then I say to myself: Forget it, Kaitlin. It's Riverdale.

That being said, I think it's time we take a really good, hard look at the characters' business savvy, and see how it actually stacks up. Is anyone actually a Boss, or is everyone just about to go extremely into debt? Let's see...

Veronica Lodge

Image: The CW

These days, Veronica loves to wax poetic about her short-lived time as the She-Wolf of Wall Street (did anyone actually call her that? I'm just saying, you can't give yourself a nickname, V) but back in her Riverdale High days, the girl owned and operated many small businesses. Perhaps most iconic was La Bonne Nuit, the speakeasy beneath Pop's Diner that may or may not have served minors alcohol. It did very well, even after repeated attacks by Veronica's dad Hiram.

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