How Many Jobs Does Archie Have On 'Riverdale'?

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How Many Jobs Does Archie Have On 'Riverdale'?

Archie has always had the weight of the world on his shoulders (whether anyone asked him to or not). And now he's recently added more weight in the form of odd soul-crushing jobs. (When I say this man is at max capacity...) Post-time jump, Archie has become a man of too many hats, but just how many jobs does Archie actually have on Riverdale? And why is the answer: more than Beyoncé in the real world?

Ever since Archie came home from war, he's been wracking up jobs like Ariel collecting human artifacts. First, he accepted a position rebuilding Riverdale High's RROTC program for the Army. Now, he's teaching at his old high school full time, which I assume means he also teaches other classes considering only a handful of boys are in the RROTC program and Riverdale High supposedly offers more than Econ (Veronica), Shop (Betty), English (Jughead), and Drama (Kevin).

In the most recent episode, "Back To School," Archie also decided he had the time to single-handedly revive the high school football team and become coach of the Bulldogs, and lead a crew to renovate Veronica's apartment at the Pembrooke. But that's not all. After the episode ended with Archie's attempted murder by fire, the promo for next week's episode, "Fire in the Sky," teased he's going to be adding yet another full-time job to the list: firefighter.

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