Veronica & Chad Singing “Shallow” On ‘Riverdale’? Yeah I Know Where This Marriage Is Going

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Veronica & Chad Singing “Shallow” On ‘Riverdale’? Yeah I Know Where This Marriage Is Going

Well, this explains a lot. A new clip from Riverdale's "Back To School" shows Veronica singing "Shallow" with her husband Chad at what used to be La Bonne Nuit speakeasy, and honestly, there are easier ways to foreshadow Chad and Veronica's inevitably nightmarish relationship. I'm just saying.

Am I surprised that Riverdale would make Veronica — the Lady Gaga of Riverdale — and Chad Gekko — a Bradley Cooper circa The Hangover type — sing the Oscar-winning anthem from A Star Is Born? No. But that doesn't mean I can't still cringe as Chad rushes the stage to duet this tragic song with his wife who is wearing a pencil skirt during the performance.

Now, "Shallow" might masquerade as a love song, but we all know what it is: the expression of a toxic and ultimately devastating relationship. I mean, have these people even seen A Star Is Born? Chad and Veronica basically just confirmed to the entire town that their relationship is a volatile power struggle that will end with one of them getting piss-drunk at the Grammys and dying.

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This performance might also hint at a darker side to their relationship. As we've already seen, Chad has some boundary issues. In the previous episode, he cancelled all their credit cards and had her tailed, and before that he made it pretty clear that he wanted Veronica to stay at home and have babies ASAP while he made all the money moves. It's the same kind of overbearing behavior we see from Jack (Cooper) in A Star Is Born, when he basically stalks Ally (Gaga) into dating him. You can even see Chad's possessiveness in the performance when he surprises Veronica by joining in on the song. He can't stand to let her have the spotlight, even for a second.

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