What Happened To The Barchie Baby On 'Riverdale'?

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What Happened To The Barchie Baby On 'Riverdale'?

Remember how the residents of Rivervale sacrificed poor Archie Andrews in order for their town to thrive, and for Betty to carry Archie's child? As it turns out, Rivervale is far from thriving — and that Barchie baby isn't, either.

In Season 6's "Ghost Stories," it's revealed that Cheryl's curse wasn't the only dark magic afoot in Riverdale's so-called shadow town. Thanks to Darla Dickenson, who summoned the vengeful spirit of Rivervale's version of folklore legend La Llorona, no mother, or baby, was safe. While Juniper was nearly drowned in the bathtub by the spirit, FBI agent Betty doesn't quite believe the La Llorona legend until she's faced with it herself: Dr. Curdle Jr. informs Betty that she's simply no longer pregnant, despite Betty's protests that she took a pregnancy test and confirmed it with the doctor just earlier that week.

Given that Archie is no longer a viable option for fatherhood, it's unclear whether Betty will try to get pregnant again so that Rivervale's harvest can flourish. However, it kind of, sort of seems like the town has moved well beyond their initial ritualistic sacrifice. While the vengeful spirit certainly makes the town darker and more macabre than in the OG Riverdale, the characters behave pretty much as expected in this episode. It's almost like they forgot how, just episodes ago, they murdered their beloved friend for the sake of maple syrup.

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