Every Horror Reference In The 'Riverdale' Season 6 Premiere

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Every Horror Reference In The 'Riverdale' Season 6 Premiere

Riverdale is a TV show, yes, but it's also the fever dream of a person obsessed with genre. Over the years, Riverdale has referenced everything from David Fincher's Zodiac to The Town That Dreaded Sundown (which the showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, just so happened to pen the remake of) to Twin Peaks. (SO much Twin Peaks.)

So it's no surprise that when Riverdale was given the opportunity to go off the walls and do an event series set in an alternate town called Rivervale, it would use it as an opportunity to pay homage to plenty of the spooky, creepy, and deliciously fun movies that came before it. Aguirre-Sacasa even teased in a recent Instagram post that Season 6 was nodding specifically towards "folk horror movies," such as The Wicker Man, Children of the Corn, and Midsommar.

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Need some help breaking down those references? Here are some nods you may have missed in the Season 6 opener.

The Twilight Zone

In the first moments of the Season 6 premiere, Betty teases Archie not to watch Twilight Zone marathons before bed, lest it give him nightmares about the alternate universe of Riverdale. However, it's far more obvious that the show is reference the Rod Serling-narrated series when Jughead pops up — sporting a suit and an all-knowing grin — in order to spell out the twisted ways of this new world. Instead of ushering us into The Twilight Zone, Jughead is dropping us into Rivervale.

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