We Finally Got Hiram Lodge's Sad Backstory On 'Riverdale'

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We Finally Got Hiram Lodge's Sad Backstory On 'Riverdale'

Hiram Lodge never fails to deliver as Riverdale's most mustache-twirling villain. For the past four seasons, the gangster has found new, cruel way to attempt to dismantle Riverdale, be it through getting the townspeople hooked on Fizzle Rocks or demolishing the drive-in to build his private, for-profit prison. Yet while Hiram is the show's ultimate Big Bad, it's taken us this long to get his origin story — why is Hiram so obsessed with destroying Riverdale in the first place? Now we know — and while it doesn't justify any of Hiram's actions, it does finally resolve some of the show's biggest question marks about the character.

In a fun twist, actor Mark Consuelos' son, Michael Consuelos, returns to Riverdale's Season 5 episode "Citizen Lodge" to play a younger version of Hiram, as he did in the flashback episode "The Midnight Club." The two look, and more importantly sound, absurdly alike — which just makes the whole episode all the richer.

Hiram Lodge wasn't always Hiram Lodge. That much we did know, however, the story that he once told Veronica — right before she briefly changed her name to disassociate with the Lodge clan — wasn't entirely accurate. The story that he tells Reggie, his current lackey, paints an image of Hiram that is regretful of his past, yet unable to escape it.

Hiram was born Jaime Luna, and lived in New York City with his father and mother. His father, Javier (played by Mark Consuelos in the flashback episode) was a shoe shiner, and Hiram helped him out at his business. Unlike Hiram's previous descriptions of his dad — as an abusive man who physically beat Hiram when he changed his name to Lodge — Javier is revealed in the flashbacks to be a good, hardworking, decent man. Hiram, however, never quite respected his dad as he didn't feel like Javier went far enough to rise to the top.

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