Every Terrible Thing Hiram Lodge Has Done On 'Riverdale' Thus Far

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Every Terrible Thing Hiram Lodge Has Done On 'Riverdale' Thus Far

Every teen drama needs its fair share of bad parents, but very few of them are legitimate monsters. Enter Riverdale's Hiram Lodge, who lives and breathes despicable things.

In Season 1 of Riverdale, Hiram was an offscreen entity. He was run out of New York City thanks to shady dealings that ultimately put him behind bars. When he got out, Veronica's "daddy" seemingly made it his mission to ruin the lives of everyone in Riverdale, for monetary gain but also just because, well, that's what CW villains like to do best.

For a moment there, it really seemed like Hiram was not long for this world. In Season 4, the mobster developed a terminal muscle disorder, which made Veronica wonder if maybe this confrontation with his own mortality would lead to a kinder, gentler Hiram. Not so, it seems: Hiram was very much alive in Katy Keene, a show set seven years after the events of Season 4 of Riverdale, and was up to his usual schemes yet again.

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Now that Riverdale is entering Season 5, it's time to look back on Hiram's many, many crimes, which range from devaluing a drive-in to trying to murder his daughter's boyfriend.

Hiram Ruins Nice Things to Build a Drug Factor/Prison

In Season 1, an offscreen Hiram paid the Southside Serpents to essentially troll people at the drive-in, devaluing the real estate so that he could buy it cheap. His ultimate goal was to build a private for profit prison, which is about as evil a dream as one can have. The only thing worse would be if he were to then use that prison to make and manufacture drugs. He does that later on.

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