A Dark Theory Behind Toni's Supernatural Death On 'Riverdale'

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A Dark Theory Behind Toni's Supernatural Death On 'Riverdale'

Toni Topaz has been a fan-favorite Riverdale character ever since her arrival in Season 2 of the series, but it took until Season 6 for the show to give her the most heartbreaking episode ever.

In "Ghost Stories," new mother Toni sacrifices herself in order to save the town's children — and her own son, baby Anthony — from the curse of La Llorona. Specifically, Toni takes on the pain of La Llorona and becomes the vengeful spirit herself in order to stop the deaths, handing baby Anthony over to Betty to raise in the process. Yet as Toni took her initial steps into Sweetwater River, I couldn't help but wonder...is Rivervale killing off characters in every episode?!

As fans know, Riverdale is currently doing an "event series," which takes place in a shadow town of Riverdale known as Rivervale. These episodes plunge the show into the horror genre, which it has previously borrowed from but never quite committed to. Each episode explores a different subgenre of horror: The first episode in the series went full-on folk horror, with the town sacrificing Archie Andrews so that their maple syrup harvest could thrive — and no, Archie didn't return home in the second.

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If we're to believe that Archie and Toni's deaths are canon within the Rivervale universe, that might spell out something huge for the event series. Right now, we're two-for-two in terms of character deaths — could that mean each episode will take the life of a different character? It could be a way for the show to play with conventions it couldn't in a normal season of Riverdale, and it might be a fun way to really go all-in on horror — even if things reset itself later.

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