'Riverdale' Just Set Up The Toni-Kevin-Fangs Spinoff We Deserve

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'Riverdale' Just Set Up The Toni-Kevin-Fangs Spinoff We Deserve

Riverdale is full of surprises. Parental serial killers! Cults harvesting organs! Bears! Oh my! But ever since Riverdale announced Toni would be pregnant in Season 5 of the show, it seemed pretty clear who the father was going to be right? On Wednesday's episode, "Lock & Key," the gang learned that Kevin and Fangs and Toni are having the baby together, and will be raising the child as one big happy family. Meanwhile I knew this from the jump — I thought this group was supposed to be good at solving mysteries?

So tl;dr of the big reveal: Kevin and Fangs and Toni live together, eat cereal together, and will soon be raising a baby together. Caught up? Great. As it turns out, Toni has a medical condition that will make it difficult for her to have a baby when she's older, so she needs to have one while she's young (per her doctor). Plus, Fangs and Kevin were already looking into having a family — whether through adoption or surrogacy — so it made sense for the Queen of the Serpents and Fangs and Kevin to join forces and have the baby together.

This is all to say, Riverdale just set up the perfect spinoff and it barely needs to do anything other than put up cameras (a la Big Brother) in Casa del ToFaVin and let the good times roll. They can fight over almond milk, oat milk, and 2% milk. They can disagree on what song the kid will sing at their first talent show (Kevin's definitely Team Broadway). Toni can officiate Fangs and Kevin's wedding like Moira Rose in Schitt's Creek.

Of course, there's also the real life problems that will make for some good TV — you know, like the majorly different pages Kevin and Fangs seem to be on while preparing to marry and welcome a child into their lives. As we learned in "Lock & Key," Kevin and Fangs have an open relationship, but the two aren't exactly communicating to the fullest extent. Kevin's meeting up with truckers at night and blaming his absence away from home on difficult-to-find grocery items. He's also completely not ready to get married. Meanwhile, Fangs wants to close their relationship and doesn't want to see their relationship "implode."

Does this complicate the genre? Sure does! But this made-up series wasn't going to ever be the sitcom that competes against reruns of Mike & Molly. Now, all we need is for Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to hear my pleas and make it.

Images: The CW

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