Who Is The Father Of Toni's Baby On 'Riverdale'? 4 Theories, From Reasonable To Murderous

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Who Is The Father Of Toni's Baby On 'Riverdale'? 4 Theories, From Reasonable To Murderous

All of the characters on Riverdale have changed in the seven years since graduation, but Toni Topaz might be the most changed of them all. In "Purgatorio," Riverdale's first post-time jump episode, it was revealed that Toni now owned the White Wyrm, the bar below Pop's; reclaimed her title as Serpent Queen; and, oh yeah, she's expecting. Not only is Toni pregnant, she also made sure to give a super vague answer when asked who the dad is, which only makes me want to know who the father of Toni's baby on Riverdale is even more.

Toni hasn't said much about the baby so far, but when Archie asked her who the father was, she told him it was a secret "just for now." And while I can respect a woman's right to privacy, an answer like that makes me even more intrigued. "A secret just for now" feels like the preamble to a big reveal, which I can only assume means that whoever the baby daddy is, the reveal is going to shock the town. It also implies that the dad will be involved — eventually. So, who is it Toni? With the Serpent Queen keeping things so close to the vest, here are some top theories.

Kevin & Fangs

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The most popular fan theory out there is that Toni is a surrogate for Kevin and Fangs (aka Kangs), who proudly declared to Archie that they were still together and living with Toni. This would make the most logical sense. Riverdale has a history of homophobia, so it makes sense that Kevin and Fangs would want to keep their bundle of joy on the down low for now, and it would also explain why Toni can't talk about the father, since she's not really the one with the big news. (Unless they're doing some group parenting thing, which I would also love to see.)

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