This 'Riverdale' Theory About Jughead Is Wild But May Explain So Much

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This 'Riverdale' Theory About Jughead Is Wild But May Explain So Much

Jughead Jones did drugs on Wed., March 31 to help his writing. I can't say if that worked or not (it seems he wrote an entire book called Transubstantiation while tripping so I guess we can count that as a W), but I can tell you the trip got bloody. And now we don't know what happened to Jughead. What we do know is that he hallucinated a bunch of stuff, though, and now I can't stop thinking this Riverdale theory about Jughead may explain what's been happening to the missing women in the town with(out) pep lately.

During his trip, Jughead hallucinated the following visions:

  • Jess: his drug messenger / ex-girlfriend
  • Betty: his ex-girlfriend who we all know and love
  • The Mothman: spooky, scary
  • A big alien ship beam: reminds us of what has been seen outside of Pop's
  • Truck headlights: I'm pretty sure

It doesn't look like much, but these headlights definitely feel like something you'd see if, oh, I don't know, you were on an abandoned highway running for your life. And while Jughead has been caught up diving deep into the world of Riverdale lore, he's been rather absent from the highway disappearance investigation. Unless, he is somehow involved.

Jughead hallucinated five things during his trip. Four of them seem important to his current state. One of them, these headlight beams, may also be important to him. Is Jughead blacking out and driving the Lonely Highway abducting women? Or has he seen more than he realizes, resulting in the trauma he talks so much about, but doesn't share? (I'm just saying, sharing is caring.)

We're going to have to wait until the show returns for answers, the biggest one being where Jughead is. But after that, I'd like to know why this guy is hallucinating truck headlights. What does it mean, Jones? What are you up to?

Images: The CW

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