What If This Whole Mothmen Thing On 'Riverdale' Is Just A Prank On Jughead?

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What If This Whole Mothmen Thing On 'Riverdale' Is Just A Prank On Jughead?

When a show is in its fifth season, your average storyline simply will not do. When the show in question is Riverdale — which has pretty much done everything a show can do, including having a teenager fight a bear — the next logical step is aliens.

Yes, Riverdale is doing aliens. Well, maybe. In Season 5, Jughead — now a published author with a drinking problem and a serious case of writer’s block — is informed by Pop’s Diner’s new owner Tabitha about the legend of the “Mothmen,” aka a hoard of aliens who may or may not be kidnapping people in Riverdale and experimenting on them. An old man named Dreyfus insists the Mothmen are real, as his fellow miners were once individually kidnapped (and then returned) after being beamed up to the Mothmen spaceship.

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Naturally, Jughead becomes obsessed with the Mothmen, and starts believing that every weird thing happening in Riverdale — from an electrical surge at Pop’s Diner to the murdered women found in the swamp to his own blackouts — can trace back to the potential aliens. It seems like the residents of Riverdale are in for a close encounter of the third kind. Unless...it’s all bullshit.

Tumblr user AWorldOfOurOwn pondered whether this whole Mothmen thing could be nothing more than an elaborate prank being pulled on Jughead. The reason? Jughead wrote a book about the residents of Riverdale — and now, they’re pissed.

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