'Riverdale' Writer Chrissy Maroon Gave Us A Lot To Think About During Our Clubhouse Chat

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'Riverdale' Writer Chrissy Maroon Gave Us A Lot To Think About During Our Clubhouse Chat

When Chrissy Maroon was first approached by a friend for a job on a TV show, her first thought was, "Please say Riverdale, please say Riverdale." Working and writing for a teen show had always been a goal of hers, and after trying hard to get so many TV storytelling gigs, it's a dream come true that now Chrissy is in the writers' room of Riverdale, where she's been since Season 3.

In our event on Clubhouse, Chrissy joined me (The Dipp's Allison Piwowarski, executive editor, nice to meet you) and Riverdale superfan Macy Jones (she's behind the account No Context Riverdale) to discuss everything there is to discuss about the show, from Bughead and Barchie and Varchie to trending theories (so. many. theories.).

During our chat, Chrissy could neither confirm nor deny a Bughead or Varchie reunion, but she did share that now that the characters are in their mid 20s, the writers can play with "the nothingness of relationships." As Archie said, he and Betty can just be friends hooking up. "Not every relationship has a fully defined label," Chrissy said.

Following Thursday night's official Clubhouse event, Chrissy, Macy, and I stuck around on the app to have a more intimate discussion about the show with fellow Dipp subscribers. Macy and Chrissy answered more specific questions about Wednesday's episode "Back to School," discussed theories, and — well, what happens in the VIP room, stays in the VIP room.

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