Rivervale Theories For 'Riverdale' Season 6 Include A Magical Cameo

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Rivervale Theories For 'Riverdale' Season 6 Include A Magical Cameo

Where does one even start with the Riverdale Season 5 finale? The end, of course! After a totally bonkers episode featuring, in no particular order, Barchie, Veggie, and Jabitha, a witch burning, the exile of Hiram Lodge, and a literal bomb, the episode ended with something truly shocking, even for Riverdale: the Season 6 promo, which introduced a brand new town. But WTF is RiverVALE? Let's dig into some Riverdale Season 6 Rivervale theories to find out.

We've known for months that Riverdale Season 6 would kick off with a special 5-episode event that would be somewhat separate from the regular series. Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased the special, aptly called "Rivervale," in September, saying that the five episode special "definitely has its own arc." He also promised that the episodes would be "firmly in the horror genre," adding, "Things are a little bit darker, a little bit weirder, a little more twisted in Rivervale."

Based on the promo, Rivervale is basically Riverdale, only weirder. "Something bad is happening in Rivervale," Toni says in the clip. And that "something bad" definitely has to do with Cheryl and her new Thornhill school for wayward girls. Based on the trailer, her school activities include a suspiciously Midsommar-like Maypole dance, midnight gatherings with voodoo dolls, and worshiping at Cheryl's alter. "What if we're cursed?" Tabitha wonders. Oh, honey, there's no "what if" about it.

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Theories are just starting to pop up about what Rivervale actually is, and here at The Dipp, we got Riverdale writer Evan Kyle to tease the 5-episode special and even weigh in on some theories during a post-Season 5 finale Q&A.

Theory 1: It's Magic

Image: The Dipp

During the fan Q&A with The Dipp, Kyle dropped this bomb: "Sabrina is coming to RiverVALE." EXCUSE ME? Kyle didn't elaborate or comment further, but the official Warner Bros. TV Twitter account confirmed on Thursday that Sabrina from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming to Riverdale, which could explain the whole "Rivervale" thing.

The Evidence: By now, I think we can all agree that it's obvious that Cheryl has some magical powers, as did her ancestor Abigail. And, with Sabrina's appearance officially confirmed, it seems inevitable that this special has a supernatural aspect. But what is Sabrina doing in Rivervale int he first place?

When Cheryl reignited Abigail's curse on Riverdale in the finale, she didn't really know what she was doing. Cheryl has no idea what the extent of her powers are, or the dangers that come with using magic (and worshiping the devil). She needs someone to help guide her, and who better than Sabrina Spellman?

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The Red Flags: It would be a huge leap for Riverdale to go from "cheryl Blossom is definitely kind of magic" to "this entire town is cursed and living in a magical realm called Rivervale." But, honestly, this seems like the most solid theory yet.

Theory 2: Rivervale Is 'Riverdale' AU (Alternate Universe)

A popular theory is just that Rivervale is an alternate universe of Riverdale. When asked about it, Kyle remained coy, saying, "that would be really cool!"

The Evidence: We all know the town is not called "RiverVale," so there has to be some kind of alternate universe at play here, right? Plus, Jughead's shorter hair and sweater look just doesn't feel consistent with where he's been this season, which makes me think we'll see slight changes to characters and their wardrobes that reflect a bigger, AU world.

The Red Flags: My biggest issue with this theory is that nothing plot-wise seems to be out of order. Other than the name Rivervale, everything seems pretty normal. Specifically, Cheryl's school for girls is exactly what she said it would be in the finale. And, in an interview with TV Line, Sacasa said that the events of the finale "continue into Season 6, including our five-episode miniseries." So, it can't be a total AU if the storylines are carrying over into the special.

Theory 3: It's A Barchie Coma

Season 5 ended with Archie and Betty potentially getting blown up by Hiram. Assuming they survive (this is Archie and Betty we're talking about, so I think that's a safe bet), they would be injured — perhaps even...comatose?

The Evidence: Kyle commented that the theory was "fun," which doesn't sound all that encouraging, but regardless, there is something to be said for the simplicity of it. The coma dream plot device is probably one of the only soapy tropes Riverdale hasn't done yet. It's only right they give it a whirl.

The Red Flags: Again, if the Season 5 storylines are carrying over into this Rivervale special, then a shared coma seems unlikely because that kind of storyline would only advance Archie and Betty, not the others in the group.

My best guess is that Rivervale is the outcome of Cheryl reading Abigail's curse. It is a very real place, but, over the course of the five episodes, Cheryl will realize that the consequences of the curse are too great, and she'll work to reverse it and #MakeRivervaleRiverdale again by the end of it. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Riverdale Season 6's special event kicks off Tuesday, Nov. 16.


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