Are Veronica & Reggie Endgame On 'Riverdale'?

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Are Veronica & Reggie Endgame On 'Riverdale'?

Varchie fans eagerly anticipating Veronica and Archie's post-Chad reunion got exactly what they were waiting for — for about five minutes, at least. While Veronica and Archie finally got back together after Veronica vanquished her ex-husband (by, uh, shooting and killing him in self-defense?) ultimately, Riverdale's musical episode "Next to Normal" proved that the on-again, off-again couple couldn't overcome a few big obstacles in their romance.

In addition to the fact that Veronica doesn't exactly love sharing a bathroom with Jughead, Eric, and Archie's uncle Frank (is there one bathroom in this house?) the redheaded hero confirmed to his longtime love that he is a Riverdale lifer. Veronica has bigger dreams for her future — and she just realized that they might not mesh so well with Archie's plans to save Riverdale and make sure the town continues to thrive.

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Yet could there be someone out there for Veronica whose future does look a lot like her own? It seems like the show may be plotting for Veronica and Reggie to reunite. In "Next to Normal," Reggie is waxing poetic about his big penthouse plans, to which Veronica sadly remarks sounds pretty ideal. It's unclear if Veronica is sad because she wants what Reggie is planning for, or is just bummed because she knows her and Archie's futures will likely never align perfectly unless one of them makes a big concession. However, it's worth pointing out that while Archie and Veronica may have the more passion, it's Veronica and Reggie who may share the same future outlook.

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