Charles Isn't Dead On 'Riverdale,' But Let's Talk About Alice's Vision

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Charles Isn't Dead On 'Riverdale,' But Let's Talk About Alice's Vision

If there's one person in Riverdale who is having a very hard time, it's Betty's mother, Alice. In "Dance of Death," the Cooper family tragically discovers Polly's body in the trunk of a car, confirming that the mom of Juniper and Dagwood had been murdered by the Lonely Highway Killers after all. In Riverdale's musical episode "Next to Normal," Alice copes with the horrible news by imagining a more "normal" family situation, which includes Polly and her son Charles alive and well.

If you watched the musical episode, you may be a bit confused. After all, Alice's visions of both Polly and Charles seems to imply that Charles is dead, too. However, that's not the case — though exactly where Charles is remains a bit unclear.

For those struggling to remember this sibling's backstory: Charles is the biological child of F.P. and Alice, who Alice gave birth to while in high school and gave up for adoption. He grew up and became an FBI agent, who later connected with Alice while investigating The Farm.

However, Charles wasn't just an FBI agent: He was also a serial killer, and in cahoots with his boyfriend Chic, who had previously posed as Alice's real biological son. As a murderer, Charles operates by Dexter rules: He only kills "really bad" people. Alas, they still put people in prison for that and so, before the time jump, Charles' secret murder-y identity is revealed and he goes to prison. Alice was, understandably, pretty devastated about the whole thing: Her late husband was also a serial killer, after all.

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