'Riverdale' Ship Emojis Explained By Show Writer Evan Kyle

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'Riverdale' Ship Emojis Explained By Show Writer Evan Kyle

Riverdale Season 5 has wrapped filming, which means we're that much closer to getting answers to our burning questions. Will Betty find Polly? Where did Jughead disappear to? Why is Chad the worst? To help provide (OK, tease) those answers, we looked to Evan Kyle, a writer on the show, who has been sharing emojis on Instagram that hint at what's to come when Riverdale returns.

During a Clubhouse event hosted by The Dipp, Evan joined @nocontextrvd's Macy Jones to break down his most recent Riverdale ship emojis. Why a blood drop? Why a fist? What does the family emoji mean for Choni and does that confirm they'll get back together? While he didn't explain each and every one of the emojis he has used recently, he did gift us an explanation to at least one emoji for each ship.

So grab your sherpa jacket (the go-to clothing item for investigations on Riverdale) and let's see what we can learn about Barchie, Varchie, Bughead, Choni, Kangs, Jabitha from some emojis.


[rich Embed]

The Emoji: 🎂

Evan's Explanation: "They will get to celebrate an event together, along with other characters. Amidst the harsh times in Riverdale, there will be a moment of joy."


[rich Embed]

The Emoji: 👩‍👩‍👧

Evan's Explanation: "Choni isn't starting a family, per se, but [Cheryl and Toni[ will both work together to be there for a struggling family."

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