Your Biggest 'Riverdale' Season 5 Promo Questions Answered By Writer Chrissy Maroon

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Your Biggest 'Riverdale' Season 5 Promo Questions Answered By Writer Chrissy Maroon

New episodes of Riverdale are, tragically, still two months away. Which means that any lingering Riverdale questions we have — the identity of the Mothmen, the origin of Jughead's writer's block-inducing trauma, whether or not Polly is alive — will remain unanswered until at least August 11. Fortunately, however, The CW is giving fans some breadcrumbs for the upcoming episodes courtesy of a recent promo.

While the promo doesn't reveal too much, it does tease us with juicy moments we can't help but speculate wildly about. Like, is Penelope starting a cult? What the hell are Tabitha and Betty doing? Is Archie's life in peril? Did Jughead really get abducted by aliens?

So we went right to the source for answers to our burning questions. Riverdale writer Chrissy Maroon was kind enough to answer The Dipp's biggest theories, questions, and general WTFs about the promo... as well as finally share with us her number one favorite ridiculous Riverdale moniker. Enjoy, fans.

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What can you tease about Penelope this season? It looks like she may have started her own cult, and honestly, love that for her.

Penelope is, well, Penelope. She always has some kind of scheme up her sleeve. Whether it be planning an absolutely bonkers “Survive the Night” game to kill the Core Four, hiding in the walls of Thistlehouse, or running her own brothel. I think we can expect a little bit of madness from her. Especially now that she’s out of prison — where she’s been for the last seven years.

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