Let This New 'Riverdale' Bingo Card Guide You Through The Time Jump

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Let This New 'Riverdale' Bingo Card Guide You Through The Time Jump

We may only be three episodes in, but Riverdale is about to hit the reset button. After a bittersweet end (to the tune of Green Day's "Good Riddance," naturally) to their time at Riverdale High, Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and their friends are all moving on with their lives — and in opposite directions. But now, after seven years, the gang is reuniting which means that we are in need of some new predictions for Riverdale after the time jump.

While Riverdale will no doubt have a very specific set of drama to deal with come its return post jump, it’s hardly the first teen drama to pull off the fast forward in time. One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars both made similar leaps — and shared many of the same iconic time jump tropes. Will Riverdale also experience some of the classic time jump traits? Most likely — though it will do so with the unique, often bizarre flair we’ve come to know and love from The CW drama.

Thanks to the trailer for new episode "Purgatorio", we know a little bit about what to expect from the time jump. Betty and Jughead are broken up, as are Archie and Veronica. Betty is an FBI agent. Veronica is married. Archie is in the army, but, apparently, about to be discharged. And Jughead, of course, is a published author, albeit one struggling with his next book.

It’s anyone’s guess what will unfold next, but I have some ideas as to what might. Below is The Dipp's brand-new Riverdale bingo card. See how many you can check off now that Riverdale is moving forward into the future!

Images: The CW

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