Archie Singing Green Day At Graduation Is The Most Relatable Thing To Happen On 'Riverdale'

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Archie Singing Green Day At Graduation Is The Most Relatable Thing To Happen On 'Riverdale'

If you graduated or attended a graduation in the United States at any point since 1997, you've heard "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)." For the last two decades, the Green Day classic has permeated the graduation scene, and now it's possibly been given its highest honor. No, not being sung by the Glee cast — though that happened. Being sung by Archie Andrews. It took four full seasons, and three episodes, but they did it. Archie singing Green Day at graduation is the most relatable Riverdale moment we've been waiting for.

You'd think a show that revolved around teens who went to high school, fell in love, and dealt with family problems would be semi-relatable, right? Well, add in more serial killers you can count on one hand, way too many school musicals that bled into the real world, approximately 94 different gangs, murder plots, a cult, a cult leader with a rocket ship, a town run by rhyming drugs... the only thing I find relatable about the characters of Riverdale is Chad Michael Murray, who impacted both our teenage years.

When Archie was asked to record Riverdale High's "official graduation song" — which is not a thing, so add that to the list right after rocket ship — I thought for sure we were about to get an Archie Original. Some moody, emo, did I say original, song that would make you wish for the days Jughead had to sing Broadway tunes on the Riverdale High stage.

But no, instead, he sat in a room — solo — and recorded "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" for his graduating peers. It was awkward, it was nostalgic, which just made the whole scene even more relatable. (Oh, I'm sorry, you weren't awkward in high school?)

It was the representation I never knew I needed — it was my graduation song. Who knew that I, a 30 year old watching a teen drama, would have something in common with Archie, a moody singer-songwriter teenage vigilante, and current boxing gym owner.

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Sometimes if can be hard to remember that Riverdale is about teens in the United States and not some alternate universe where nothing else exists outside of the "town with pep." But every once in a while, something will happen and the realization will hit me: maybe the Riverdale teenagers are just like us.

Of course, the question remains: Do teens even know this 1997 song?


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