Jughead's Trauma On 'Riverdale' Might Be All About A Subway Accident

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Jughead's Trauma On 'Riverdale' Might Be All About A Subway Accident

Riverdale's midseason finale "Chapter Eighty-Six: The Pincushion Man" put Jughead in a whole lot of peril. After ingesting a bunch of "maple mushrooms" in order to write his latest story, Jughead experiences some hallucinations while hanging out in his bunker. While these hallucinations include a threesome situation with an apologetic Betty and his "toxic" ex Jess, they also include sounds, bright lights, and even a rat. When Jughead comes out of the hallucinations, he has a full manuscript called The Transubstantiation on his desk. And, by the time Tabitha comes to check on him, Jughead is gone, and the bunker is a bloody mess.

During The Dipp's exclusive Clubhouse event, Macy Jones of @nocontextrvd and Riverdale writer Evan Kyle unpack Jughead's wild hallucinations — and what they may mean for his long-buried trauma.

Macy had some ideas about what, exactly, Jughead saw — and thinks that it all has to do with whatever horrible thing happened to him in New York that he can't remember.

"When I was rewatching and the captions said that it was 'subway noises,'" Macy explained. "I think maybe Jughead saw something that was traumatic, and that it had to do with the subway. Maybe he saw someone get hurt and he didn't do anything."

Image: The CW

This theory actually makes a ton of sense, especially in the context of the episode. Jughead hears the subway noises and sees what could be interpreted as lights of a train, all at the same time. That's when the Mothman appears in the entrance of the bunker.

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