What Is Jughead's Chest Tattoo? He Loves A Theme

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What Is Jughead's Chest Tattoo? He Loves A Theme

If there is one thing to expect when reuniting with your high school friends for the first time in years, it's that someone is showing up with new, ill-advised tattoo. That prize goes to Jughead Jones, whose oversized chest tattoo on Riverdale has basically become its own character entirely. We first got a glimpse of the tat when Jughead was still in New York, but on Wednesday's episode, the ink came out to play when Jughead got out of the shower and got a scare of a lifetime by an alien. (That's an entirely different story.)

So what is Jughead's chest tattoo of? If you found it a little hard to make out amongst Riverdale's always-a-little-too-dark aesthetic, well, you wouldn't be alone. Fans were, um, not entirely sure what the tattoo was of. Some weren't even sure it was a tattoo.

Fortunately, the "pause" button is a thing, and I was able to finally realize what the heck was on Jughead's chest.

Image: The CW

As it turns out, Jughead loves a theme.

Jughead is no stranger to tattoos — he's been getting inked since high school, when he, and pretty much everyone else in town, received a tattoo in honor of the Southside Serpents. Archie has one, too, and they are both comically cartoonish. (Also, God help the makeup artist who has to replicate these tattoos for every single shirtless scene these guys are in.)

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