Is Sabrina Coming To 'Riverdale' Season 6? Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Is Sabrina Coming To 'Riverdale' Season 6? Something Wicked This Way Comes

For the past five years, Riverdale has been where my crossover dreams go to die. The fact that the show never got to do a real crossover event with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a wrong I never thought would be righted, but, a new interview with CAOS and Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has me hoping that maybe, just maybe, Sabrina — or at least magic — could come to Riverdale in Season 6.

While discussing his plans to continue Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in comic book form after it was canceled by Netflix last year, Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that he had actually pitched Netflix a Part 5 in the hopes that the show would continue. And this Part 5 would have finally brought together the worlds of Riverdale and CAOS. "[It] would've produced Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and all the Riverdale characters as witches and there would've been a witch war between the witches in Greendale versus all of these witches and warlocks in Riverdale," he told Deadline.

Archie as a red-headed warlock? Cheryl leading a coven (because you know she would)? Betty and Veronica casting spells on Hiram? I'm getting chills just thinking about it. It's truly a crime Netflix did not give this a green light, and instead canceled CAOS entirely. Though Aguirre-Sacasa suggested that they were interested, but were unable to commit due to the pandemic. So, that's it, right? The idea is dead? WRONG.

Update Oct. 7, 2021: Warner Bros. confirmed on Thursday that Sabrina Spellman would indeed be making her way to Riverdale come Season 6 with a photo of actress Kiernan Shipka on the set of the show.

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Earlier: In May, The CW announced that Season 6 of Riverdale would kick off this fall with a 5-episode special event. At the time, CW Chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz said he was "waiting for Roberto to come back to us on how he plans to make those five episodes even more special than usual." So...let me make sure I got these facts straight:

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  • Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa previously pitched a CAOS Part 5 that would essentially be a massive Riverdale and CAOS crossover event, but CAOS got canceled before it could happen.
  • Riverdale is coming back for a Season 6 that will start with a 5-episode special, to premiere in late October.

Call me crazy, but I think The CW may have just opened the door to the crossover we've been waiting for. The only snag in the plan is that Aguirre-Sacasa told Deadline that there is currently a two-year "hold on the character" of Sabrina, meaning that they can't take the CAOS characters and start another show somewhere else. However, there may be ways around that within the context of a Riverdale crossover. (I'm no legal expert, but if, as Aguirre-Sacasa has suggested in the past, they had always been hoping for a crossover event, then appearances on Riverdale could be included in the CAOS contracts.)

If CAOS doesn't end up coming to Riverdale, it's still possible that this idea could work its way into the five-episode special event. Aguirre-Sacasa could just make a short mini-series about a magical Riverdale without bringing Sabrina or any other CAOS characters in. It would be a great way to introduce the idea of Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead as witches and warlocks without breaking any contractual agreements. And, it could help set up Aguirre-Sacasa's planned comic book series.

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Back in July of 2020, the showrunner hinted on Twitter that a Riverdale-CAOS "Witch Wars" event would be coming as a comic. But, in this new interview, he told Deadline that there were no immediate plans to bring in the Riverdale characters. "For the first arc, we're going to finish the war in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina... and there isn't going to be any crossover. But I wouldn't be surprised if we do a big crossover in the near future," he said.

Maybe that future can begin with a five-part Riverdale special event that introduces magic to Jughead, Archie, Betty, Veronica, and co. I would really like to see it.


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