Do The Blossoms Have Magical Powers On 'Riverdale'? Writer Evan Kyle Says It's "Not Impossible"

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Do The Blossoms Have Magical Powers On 'Riverdale'? Writer Evan Kyle Says It's "Not Impossible"

The Blossom family has long lived like they're characters out of a Gothic horror novel, but in Riverdale's midseason finale back in March, Penelope and Cheryl may have just proved that the Blossoms have magical powers.

In the episode, Reggie starts a fire in the maple groves in an attempt to get Cheryl to finally sell off her land to himself and Hiram. Alas, Cheryl murderess mother Penelope — who has just escaped Hiram's prison along with a slew of other inmates — has a solution to stopping the flames from engulfing Thornhill. They'll simply pray for winds to keep the fire away. Bizarrely? It works.

So... do the Blossoms actually have some tie-in with the spiritual realm? Given that Riverdale has had a few minor crossover moments with fellow Archie Comics TV series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it certainly seems like the right question to at least be asking.

During The Dipp's Clubhouse event with Riverdale writer Evan Kyle and @nocontextrvd's Macy Jones in April, Evan suggested that fans should keep an eye on the Blossoms over the course of the season, which returns in August.

"They've always been like the most mystical," Evan explained of the interesting moment. "Like the Julian doll is one of the most spiritual things we've done with them, among other things."

For those who have forgotten this insane plot point, the Julian doll supposedly contained the spirit of the triplet that Cheryl absorbed in the womb. However, it was soon revealed that the person moving the Julian doll around was actually Penelope, who was living in the walls of Thornhill in order to avoid prison time.

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