Reggie Is Now The Most Powerful Man On 'Riverdale'

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Reggie Is Now The Most Powerful Man On 'Riverdale'

For years, Hiram Lodge has been calling the shots in Riverdale, pulling the strings, and ensuring that everything in the town goes his way. But in "Citizen Lodge," he gave it all up, and made Reggie the most powerful man in Riverdale — even if he doesn't realize it yet.

In "Citizen Lodge," Hiram let Reggie go and encouraged him to get out of the gangster life and reconnect with his abusive father (it was sweeter than it sounds). All this after Hiram revealed his entire life story, including how he's been trying to avenge his father's death for decades and his plans to mine the palladium under the Blossom maple grove. It was a rare selfless gesture from Hiram, and it might just be the biggest mistake he's ever made. Why would the man who had worked his whole life just to get that damn palladium reveal all his secrets to Reggie and then...let him walk away? It's either a huge miscalculation or part of a much greater scheme. Either way, the damage is done: Reggie has the power now.

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A big reason why Hiram is so powerful in Riverdale already is because he's always a few steps ahead. He works in the shadows so nobody can anticipate his moves. So Hiram may be the one with the developments, the money, and the evil infrastructure, but Reggie knows his secrets, which means he has leverage. He knows what Hiram's endgame is (the palladium), knows that how far Hiram will go to get it (burn Cheryl's groves to the ground), and he knows the inner workings of Hiram's operation. It's only a matter of time before Reggie realizes how much his knowledge is worth.

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